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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol Ii Mon Khmer Siamese Chinese Families"

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, and Northern Sh., khdm9 Southern Sh. tern), (written &fa in III, 7,
15, IS), word, speech, language, I, 36; lat khdmt said a word. said,. I, 2, 18,
42; II, 16; phan-khdmt order-word, an order, I, 12, 26; tham-kham-ro, ask
word know, enquired, I, 3C; sho-Jdams complaint word, complaint, II, 1,
Kham-mq-lau, word come speak, a pleonasm for kham, word, J3 44.
khdnt the same as kha/H, a word, Man-to is translated sby word only', III, 7?
Khan (Kh, and Sh, the same), price, 232 ; Jchdn-sJiil . . . ems price buy
. . . take, (you) bought (that), 240.
khan (Kh. and Sh. the same), quick; khdn ma cham, quick come swift, hence as
soon as, I, 47. In Kh. ma, chdm means 'soon!,
khdn (Sh. the same), a cudgel, staff, stick ; tung-khan, with a cudgel; po tang,
khan, to beat with a cudgel, to beat severely., 228.
khang-nci (Kh, the same, Siamese \lidng-nCik), before, in presence of, 90.
khap (Sh. the same), a- circle, ring; round, around, in chl-rdp-chdp-khdp-bai, jewel
bind pure round place, a finger-ring, I, 28.
khdt (Sh. the same), to tie a knot; Mdt-bai-shi, bind (Impeiat.), 236; khdt-jau,
seized, II, 14.
khau or mdn-khau (so Eh. and Sh., Siamese khau), the plural of the third personal
pronoun; Norn. Khan, I, 31; II, 14,15; mdn?khau} 161, etc ; Ace. khau, I,
51; to them, khau, I, 38; as a demonstrative pronoun, khau, those (for
'these'), II, 2; as an adjective, kltau tra, those rupees, 235; regularly used
as a prefix to indicate the plural, I, 26, 36; 106, etc.; 140, etc,; 229.
khau (Kh. and Sh. the same), to enter; Perf khau~u~koii has entered, I, 6; ma-
khau, come and enter, entered, I, 40 ; Imperat. khau, enter, I, 41. Used as
a post- or pre-position, in, on, into; nd-kip kJiau, into a field, 1,1% • tin Maw,
on feet, I, 28; khau shun, into the compound, II, 8,10; khau mu, in hand,
1,11; khau kachari, in the outcheny, II, 17; khau d-ndn run, in that house,
230. Of. thai*.
khau (Kh., Sh. and Siamese the same), rice; Ace. khau, I, 16; kip khau, husk
of rice, 1,14.
khan (Kh,, Sh» and Siamese the same), a horn (H.).
khin, see khun.
khin (pronounced kheri), to remain, III, 12, 22.
khius see khriu.
kho (Kh. and Sh. kho), the neck, I, 23 (accusative),
kkfai (Kh, khai), a buffalo (H.j.
khrai (Kh, and Sh. khai), an egg, III, 19; hence, Brahma, III, 10.
khrang (Kh. and Sh. khdng)9 property, goods. In contradistinction to Ufig,
khrdng means(large property', and ling ' small things and domestic animals9;
hence khrdng-ting (Sh. khang-ling) means * property generally', ' goods and
chattels ', I, 2, 4, 5; 7, 8, 48, 51; II, 1; khrdng shu, your property, yours,
25 ; khrdng mai, his property, his, 28.
khrihg (Sh. khing], the body ; khrmg lai man, on his body, I, 27.
khriu or khiu (Kh and Sh, khiu\ a tooth, 37.